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How To Organize Your Closet


March is the perfect month for organizing your closet. The weather is changing and a new season begins for you. That is why we are giving away some tips on how to organize the closer properly 


1. Take everything out

Remove all your clothes from the closet. This way you can see all of them. Separate them in categories: t-shirts in one place, trousers in another, jackets, dresses and so on.


2. Clean up

Your closet needs a good cleaning and by that we mean that you should select the items you don’t need anymore. Place them in bags and keep them aside so you can donate them to those in need.


3. Ask a friend for help

If you have doubts about whether you should keep certain items or not, have a videocall with your best friend and ask him/her if an item suits you or not. Playing dress up can be really funny and it will cheer you up.


4. Spark joy

Marie Kondo, a famous organizing consultant and TV show host, has an important rule according to which you should keep the things that make you happy and spark joy. If you have a dress that you only wear once a year, but you bought it for a special occasion, keep it. If someone dear has given you a bag which currently is out of fashion, but it brings you happy memories, keep it. Keep all the things that spark joy and bring positivity in your life.


5. Create categories

Organize your closet by dividing clothes in categories. Trousers in one place, t-shirts in another, blouses, dresses, etc. If you suck at folding clothes, then we suggest you watch some of Marie Kondo’s videos on YouTube on how to properly fold clothes and you will become a total pro.


6. Resell, Recycle

Recycling has become like a movement in recent years. Many individuals are investing more in sustainable brands and some of them have started recycling their wardrobe. If you have clothes and accessories that you don’t need anymore, but they are in really good condition, you can resell them online on Ebay or Vestiaire Collective.

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