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How To Not Ruin Your Relationship While in Self-Isolation


While many are coping well with staying home this period, some couples out there are facing problems. Whether it is a newly relationship or they have been together for years, it is affecting almost everyone.

It might be that the first days or weeks of self-isolation have been quite amusing, because you spent precious time with your significant one. You cooked together, watched movies, dined together, had long showers together, had sex whenever you felt it and wherever in your apartment… But that was just it for you.

Then reality hit hard. The situation is not getting any better, you are still in self-isolation, you keep reading sad news all over the internet about the Coronavirus situation, although you decided not to check anything, you are doing the same things every day, working from home is not amusing after all, as you miss your desk, your comfortable work chair, you miss other people, like your friends, parents, relatives, colleagues and the list goes on. All these factors come together and get in your mood, which is affecting your relationship.

You might feel more tensed and tired. The latter occurs because you are not doing any proper physical activity; you are not on the move, like you used to. So, you begin getting frustrated about stupid things, you can’t stand a habit of your partner, which never bothered you before, his/her having frequent conference calls and the loud voice disturb you, as you need silence while working and many more. But you are on time to get back on track to save your relationship.

  1. Communicate with your partner

Currently you are emotionally, physically and financially touched by the Coronavirus situation. Just think that your partner is experiencing the same feelings, though he/she might not show it that much.

In order for you to sort things out, you need to tell your partner what you are currently feeling. You need to apologize if your behaviour has deeply touched your partner as he/she doesn’t deserve it.

  1. Support one another

If you notice that your partner is feeling very stressed these days, you should be by his/her side. Listen to your partner’s problems. Probably he/she might lose their job and in this moment you are the only person they need. You can help by figuring out how to proceed in cases of unemployment, you can talk to an expert you know or seek advice from a friend. You might be in the same situation as well, so you should put any stupid and nonsense fight behind and help one another.

  1. Take time for yourself

Even if you are living in a one-bedroom or studio apartment, try figuring out things with your partner and set a scheme where the two of you can spend some time apart, although in the same premises. You might occupy the bedroom, while your partner is staying somewhere out of your sight, so you can have time for yourself. You can gossip with your friends or just relax. If there is not enough space for you to be alone, then you can have a SPA moment for yourself, while your partner is in the bedroom, you can keep your headphones and listen to the music you like or you can watch separate movies.

  1. Get advice from someone else

Do not lose touch with friends and family, especially during this period. If you can’t get the right words to communicate with your partner about how you are feeling, then you can turn to your friends for advice. Tell them what is happening with you, how you are acting these days and they will help.

  1. Invest in your relationship

Soon, all of this will be over. You will have your routine back and life will move on. You have to be strong and you have to save your relationship, because you need your partner and he/she needs you too. Set a goal for yourself and invest by adding positivity in your life. Wake up with a smile on your face, spread that energy to your partner, give kisses and hugs, put some of your favourite songs, give him/her a compliment and tell how much he/she means to you. Do all these and many more. Do not let anything put you down.


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