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How to MAKE YOUR PASSION Your Full-Time Profession


Last year, 45 million people left their jobs. The past few years have completely upended work culture, and many of us have begun to prioritize our mental wellbeing over working just for the sake of working. We want to feel fulfilled at our jobs, which is why many of us have begun wondering how to make a passion into a full time profession. With planning, preparation, and determination, it is possible. Here are a few of the best tips we’ve learned.

Ask yourself: What are your skills, and what are the skills you want to use?

Not all of these will be the same. List them out and find the overlap to help you figure out how to translate your passion into a career.


It can be helpful to write things out—and don’t edit yourself. Let it all out. What are some reasons you aren’t feeling fulfilled with your current work? What aspects of it make you unhappy? What are some specific changes you would like to make?

Do your research and take classes

Figure out what sort of degrees or schooling you may need. Even if you don’t need anything extra, it’s beneficial to expand your knowledge and hone your skills.

Connect with like-minded people

Facebook groups (or IRL ones) can be a great resource. Ask questions, connect, and get advice from people who are on a similar path or have been where you are.

Start saving

Because you’ve still gotta be able to pay your bills. (For tips, click here.)


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