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How to Have a Healthy Look in Summer


There are times when you cannot stand your foundation or any cream, because your face gets sweaty from all that heat, especially in summer. Well, there is always a solution to any situation and you can totally avoid having a dewy skin by following a few tips.


  1. Apply SPF and moisturize

The first thing you should do in the morning is moisturize your face after cleansing. During summer the moisturizer will be like your best friend. Use a light cream that contains SPF, SPF higher than 15 is the right choice and apply it all over your face and the neck area. Then apply a primer, since it will help maintain the freshness of your make up.

  1. Use a concealer

Use a concealer only if you need it under the eyes to brighten them and in the places where your face gets red. The color of the concealer should be lighter than your skin color.

  1. Apply foundation

Try to apply less foundation, especially in summer. Put foundation in four places, or create four dots; one in the center of the forehead, each cheek and in the bottom of the chin.

  1. Apply cheek blush and powder

If you want to add a soft pink color to your cheeks, then apply a creamy blush on them. You can continue with a powder, not a shiny one, because after that you can use a bronzer that we are pretty sure will have some shine on it. Go for a matte powder in the center of the forehead, under the eyes, down the sides of the nose, the tip of the nose and towards the cheeks.

  1. Bronze

All you need is a big brush and a bronzer and apply it all over your face. Yes… all over your face! Don’t worry because the bronzer is the final touch and it will make sure that your look blends in.


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By Enxhi Tufina


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