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How to get the very best from 2022


As soon as November kicked in you realised that the holiday season is approaching really fast. That’s when you realised that an entire year has gone by and you start thinking to yourself what did I really do this entire year?
The pandemic has changed everyone’s perspective about life and it certainly brought so many restrictions which led to people keeping themselves away from one another. Kissing and hugging were transformed into RED FLAGS and you really forgot what it felt like to be near someone without any fear.

Basically 2021 is leaving just as 2020 did and when you think about all the things you have done during this year it seems like your memory has faded, because you can’t think of something besides one or two travels you did (or probably you didn’t do any) and a few outings with friends.
You fill yourself with anger and regret because you didn’t get the best of this year even though there is a pandemic. But you can’t give up. The new year will soon come, and you need to start 2022 with a whole different vibe.

Here we mention some ideas on how to be more proactive for the new year and get the best of it.


Keep a journal
The journal should be your best friend. You don’t need to use it as a diary where you put everything that you do everyday, but you can use it to write about something that happened to you in a given day, the books you read during the year, quotes you read, the movies you saw, an important event you attended, a wishlist, etc.


Find a hobby
During 2020 making body shape soy candles became so popular. You could see so many Instagram accounts where people introduced their handmade candles, and it was so beautiful. Others were making soaps, skincare products, sculptures, vases, and many more. We suggest that you start a new hobby so that you can dedicate your time to it and it will make you feel complete.


Travel to a new place
The pandemic is not going to stop you from going anywhere. If you are vaccinated, you have the possibility to go wherever you like. If there is a city on your wishlist, go ahead and plan a trip even if you are going to be all by yourself.


See more of your loved ones
Family and friends are very important during this period. Don’t miss the opportunity you have to see them everyday and be with them. The time you spend with them is very important because they fill your life with happiness. Also, it is not a bad idea if you make new friends as well.


Surround yourself with positivity
Staying positive is very important, especially for your mental health. If you have experienced anxiety you should not keep it to yourself but ask the help of a professional and probably change your lifestyle. Be with people that make you feel good and do things that make you happy. You need positivity in your life, and you can achieve that by removing any negative thoughts you might have, you can do yoga, meditation, workout in the outdoors and many more.

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