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How to Get Softer Skin In the Shower


Hair care might be your priority when you step into the shower, but don’t forget about cleansing and conditioning the rest of your body, too. As fall’s temperatures drop, the crisp air can have a drying effect on the skin, so it may be necessary to amp up your body care routine. With the proper regimen, the shower can evolve from a morning or evening ritual into an at-home spa designed to give you glowing skin from head to toe. Get softer skin in the shower with these five simple steps, along with the best products for the job.


Use Lukewarm Water


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I know, there’s nothing better than a steaming hot shower—except when it comes to your skin. Hot water can damage your body’s keratin barrier, leaving your skin irritated and dried out. Cold or lukewarm water keeps your skin’s moisture levels in tact, setting up the perfect canvas for a more radiant glow.


Wash with a nourishing cleanser


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One of the most essential components of good skin is your cleanser. Like with face wash, if your body cleanser has too many harsh ingredients, it will strip the skin of its moisture. When choosing a wash, look for nourishing ingredients like aloe vera and various oils that trap in moisture. Drunk Elephant’s Kamili Cream Body Cleanser is infused with an amino acid blend for a rich, smoothing effect. Meanwhile, the Nourishing Wash from True Botanicals uses olive oil and aloe vera to retain moisture and tighten skin, and Glossier’s Body Hero Daily Oil Wash implements a mix of oils, like coconut and sesame, that have soothing and cleansing properties.


Exfoliate Gently


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Exfoliation not only buffs away dead skin cells, but it helps clear pores of dirt and sweat that has accumulated throughout the day. By scrubing away the impurities you’re left with softer, healthier skin. However, overexfoliation can also be damaging. Use a scrub without microbeads–which can cause tiny tears in your skin–like the sugar-based Bum Bum Body Scrub from Sol de Janiero or Lush’s Ocean Salt face and body scrub, a vegan option that also moisturizes the skin with avocado and mango butter.


Have a Good Razor


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While you may not think your trusty grooming wand is the problem, bad razor heads can lead to bumpy and irritated skin. Avoid this by switching to a razor with more blades for a closer cut and less irritation. Billie offers a line of five-bladed razors designed specifically for a woman’s shaving habits, without the Pink Tax. For an added dash of hydration, try the Schick Hydro Silk5 TrimStyle which comes with a shea butter serum infused at the head.


Moisturize while Damp


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Rather than moisturizing out of the shower, apply your lotion while still inside (after turning the water off, of course). Moisturizing while still slightly wet traps in some of the water for an extra boost of hydration. Ouai’s Body Crème contains coconut oil and squalane, a natural anti-oxidant which gives the skin a healthy glow. Shea butter is another hero ingredient when it comes skin hydration, which is why La Mer and Clarins’ body lotion options both contain it.


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