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Back to the subject of dating. We’ve covered how to have a successful datesolid questions to ask on a date, and more. Our latest topic: first-date stage fright. It happens to, well … most of us. And whether we like it or not, we’re going to want to go on a first date eventually, right? We’re here to help you reframe the situation. Instead of looking at the first date as a first date, position it in your head as simply an opportunity to get to know someone. This way you can take the pressure off a bit and have a good time when opening up and meeting a new person.

To guide us with some professional insight, we tapped Michelle Afont, relationship expert, divorce lawyer, and multi-published author whose most recent work is The Dang Factor, to share how to prep your mindset for a first date.

“Your attitude is everything when you begin to date. With the right attitude, dating can be a ton of fun and an opportunity to meet the potential love of your life. Take away the self-imposed pressure and expectations that you may have and honestly, just be yourself. If you are a match, great! If not, then you may have met a potential long-term friend. Not every date is going to result in true love. But that is why we call it ‘dating.’

The only way to find the love of your life is to date. Unless you are lucky enough to meet the love of your life in the produce aisle of Whole Foods, dating is a necessity in our search for love.

Think of some topics to talk about during the date to keep the conversation rolling. I recommend driving your own car to a neutral meeting place with lots of people around. I suggest meeting for coffee or a drink. Keep it simple. Avoid committing to a long dinner date in case he turns out to be a dud. First dates should be a short plan, and you can always extend the date if things are going well.

To assess how your first date is going, check out Poosh’s stories on body language and the appeal of eye contact for some great pre-date tips.”


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