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How To Exfoliate


Exfoliation has become a necessity for the skin, but sometimes the way we exfoliate might be wrong without even knowing. The skin needs exfoliation because it keeps it fresh and youthful. By exfoliating, you are removing dead cells from your skin and it helps the other skincare products you are using, to penetrate easily on the skin.


Use it weekly

Set a weekly routine to use exfoliation at least once a week. As your skin gets used to it, opt for twice a week.


Get to know your skin type

You must choose a face scrub according to your skin type. If you have oily skin, go for a creamy one, because granular exfoliants can bring a lot of damage to your sensitive skin, while the non–granular will keep it smooth and hydrated. Those who have dry skin can use granular exfoliants.


Test the product first

Whether you are allergic or not it is very important that you test the products you are using, especially those that are part of the skincare regime. Test the product on the side of the neck and wait for a few days (maybe once a week is enough) to see how your skin reacts to it or if it has side effects.

Follow the instructions

Always read the instructions, especially when you are using a face scrub. One wrong move and you have damaged your skin.


Be gentle

When you are using a granular exfoliant, you should apply it gently on your skin by using your fingers in circular motions. If you apply it aggressively, the skin will suffer from irritation. After you have finished the process, wash it with lukewarm water.


Don’t be afraid of the rosy glow

As you are exfoliating in circular motions, you will notice that your face will get a rosy glow and that is because oxygen and blood flow to the area which is being treated. The redness is quite normal, so no need to worry. Concerns might arise as you notice that the redness has stayed more than a day. If this happens put cold compresses to the red area and change your face scrub.


Pay attention to the neck

Do not skip the neck area, because it also requires protection.


Post exfoliation

After exfoliation you should use a serum or a moisturizer and your skin will remain soft and calm.
Ask a dermatologist 

You should ask a dermatologist whether your skin needs exfoliation or not and which is the right product for your skin type. If you see that the exfoliator you are using or any other skincare product is not giving you the right effect, go to a dermatologist.


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By Enxhi Tufina


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