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How to Deal With Having Bangs


As much as you are obsessed with bangs, maintaining them is not an easy task. Without bangs you just wake up, comb your hair and continue with your day, while bangs tend to be quite stubborn and it requires patience and time to give them the right style. But there is still hope for you if you love bangs, because with a little bit of devotion from your side you can have perfect bangs every single day of your life. Well, except for when you are on your periods and your hair is at its worst, but that is beyond your power…


1. Wash your bangs

First things first, you don’t need to wash your hair everyday. You can simply shampoo your bangs. The sebum from your face tend to make bangs greasy. Also, when you have bangs you have the tendency to touch them more frequently.


2. Use dry shampoo

If you want to avoid washing your bangs everyday you can use dry shampoo. It will give your bangs a fresh look and it will also add volume.


3. Blow Dry It

The secret to the perfect bangs is in the way you blow dry them. Blow out your bangs as soon as you get out of the shower. The moment your bangs start to air dry they take their natural shape and it will be harder to give them the desired result.

The perfect blow dry starts from above. Hold your hair dryer over your head facing the forehead and brush your bangs from side to side.


4. Less product

When styling your bangs, it is important that you use less product. If you go heavy on that part, it will only make them look greasy. You can use whatever product you like on your hair first, and what is left on your hands use it for your bangs. Less is more!


5. Choose the right product for your hair

It is very important to use the right product based on your hair type. So, first lesson is to know your hair and understand what is best for it.

When you follow with your everyday skincare routine, we suggest that you keep your bangs away from your face. Let your skin fully absorb every product you have applied and after that you can set free your bangs. You don’t want your hair to look greasy because it has absorbed what you have applied on your skin.

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