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How to Deal During DIFFICULT TIMES


Maybe it’s a bumpy relationship, unexpected health issue, a tough work situation, or you’re simply stuck in a funk and have spiraled into a person that you don’t even recognize. Throughout life, you’re bound to experience ups and downs and highs and lows. When it comes to the lows, everyone handles and copes with these difficult periods in different ways. What works for you might be just what somebody going through a similar situation needs to hear. We sourced ideas from our community through our private Facebook group (and added a few from our team too), to help encourage a positive mindset during tough times.

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Read on for ways to find light during dark moments.

• It’s hard to imagine this when you’re in the thick of a low stint, but try and remember it will pass and you won’t feel this way forever. Feelings fade and seasons change for brighter and better days. Constantly remind yourself that things will get better.

• Lean on your support system. Whether it’s a close friend, partner, or family member, let them know what you’re going through and express that you could use extra support and encouragement to get through it.

• Try to picture your life in six months or even a year. It will feel light-years away, but visualize yourself on the other side coming out of the experience stronger than you ever were before. Use the future journaling tactic to manifest happier days. They will come, you just have to be patient.

• Keep busy to distract yourself from the stress and craziness going through your mind. Try a new hobby, revisit your favorite workout, cook a nice dinner, and do things that make you feel good.

• Carve out 10 minutes each day for “me” time where you completely disconnect from your phone and work. It’ll help reset your mood for the day and prove to yourself that your mental health and well-being are a top priority in your life. Emails, calls, and texts can all wait for a short 10 minutes.

• A daily dose of fresh air always does the trick and helps clear the mind and keep you active. If you can’t muster the energy for a walk, head to your garden and take deep breaths to help calm yourself.

• Surround yourself with people who boost you up. Misery loves company, so be aware of who you’re spending time with during dark times. If your friend is going through a hard time too, it can be easy to enable each other with bad habits and sulk for far too long. Instead, set a time limit for your “dumping” session and then move on to a more positive topic. Setting a clear time limit is key because as we mentioned, it’s too easy to go on a rant and get re-worked up over what’s going on in your life. Energy is contagious—positive and negative vibes. Challenge yourself to be the one carrying positive energy (after you’ve had your dedicated vent session, of course).

• This will sound like the last thing you’ll want to do when you’re feeling down, but get dressed and put yourself together. This could be swapping your comfortable pajamas for an exciting new stylish pair, or trying out a new makeup technique, even if you’re sitting in your apartment or home by yourself. You’ll instantly feel a boost of confidence.

• Read through your favorite inspirational quotes. Start and end your day with words of wisdom that truly speak to you.

• Last but not least, do something unexpected for someone else. This could be a handwritten note to your mom or long-distance friend, or make a donation to a charity you value. Helping out others is a rewarding way to not only make a difference in someone else’s life but to fill your heart with happiness.


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