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How To Cover Up Sunburn


According to the weather forecasts for this summer, it seems that no one will escape getting sunburned. As much as we try taking precautions by staying long hours in the shade, wearing a hat or a scarf and also by using SPF 30+ all over our body, we will still be receiving quite a lot of sun exposure thus risking skin damage.

Fortunately, makeup comes in handy in such situations, because it helps us hide any sign of sunburn, but before applying makeup it is very important that you try to avoid exfoliating products, alcohol based products, acne products and others with potential active ingredients, because they will only make the situation worse. At such moments your skin only requires smooth products with moisturizing effect and SPF to prevent any further damage.

A BB or CC Cream can be ideal, because it has a moisturizing effect and it also gives a light tint to your skin.

After applying the cream you should move on with a color correcting concealer. You have been asking yourself for quite some time why do you need this product and now you finally have the answer. Color correcting concealer will help you fade away the redness caused by sunburn. We suggest you use a green correcting concealer as it will make sure to even your current skin tone.

The third step requires the application of a foundation, but you should avoid any rough tools. Opt for a damp sponge instead to apply the foundation and you will hide any possible sign of sunburn.

The last touch is the setting powder, which should be applied with a fluffy brush. Your makeup will stay in place throughout the day and no one will notice anything.


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By Enxhi Tufina


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