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How to cope with being single on New Year’s Eve


While the holiday season might be the most wonderful time of the year, for some it is just another year of being single. For example, for many women it is very difficult spending New Year’s Eve alone without having someone on their side to cherish this moment and have that famous New Year’s kiss.

But this situation should not have an impact on you even though you are single. Being single should not be seen as the end of the world for you or for your friend, colleague, cousin, etc.

If you are experiencing anxiety or lack of energies just because New Year’s Eve will see you single, it is time you change the situation you have put yourself.

Here are some ways to prevent all that sadness that has surrounded you, especially this period.


Remove negative thoughts

Though being single on New Year’s Eve might be inevitable for you that does not mean that you can’t entertain yourself. Start a therapy with yourself that includes meditation. Meditate everyday as you wake up in the morning for at least 15-20 minutes. You will notice how this will affect your life, how it will remove negative thoughts and only bring positive energies.

While you are alone at home and negative thoughts are coming through your mind, stop them immediately. Start listening to music, begin dancing and think of all the positive things that you have in your life: you have friends, family, relatives who care about you and you have so many dreams that only need your determination to achieve them. Start thinking of the things you could change in your life and how to make it better.


Make resolutions

If you have that feeling that you need to put the record straight for the new year coming up, then we recommend writing a New Year’s resolution.

You can write about the things you want to achieve and change in your life. For example, you can write about a place you want to visit, or about a new diet or food regime you want to follow, etc.

It does not mean that you have to strictly follow this resolution, but it is a good way for you to plan 2020.


Surround yourself with people

Quit being all alone at home and start going out. Stop refusing people’s invitation and go out with them anywhere they tell you. Who knows, you might find people that will absolutely change your life. Go to places you always wanted to see, but never got the chance.

Maybe you can start thinking about taking a long solo trip. There are many people out there who travel alone and make friends and see the most beautiful things in the world. Maybe this trip will be a discovery for you and you will make a lot of friends, especially if you stay in hostels.

Most importantly do not forget about your own values and what kind of a person you are. Only you can take care of yourself and create an impact in your life. One day, you will meet your soulmate, but until then work hard to create a beautiful and peaceful life for yourself.


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