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How to appropriate the less is more in interior design


Minimalist style is deeply related to the concept of “less is more”. The minimal design is focused on the essentials of sobriety and clean lines. Sober colors such as beige, grey, white and moonlight blue are the perfect choice when embracing the minimal design. Such design is the very opposite of pop style, and it focuses on the idea of the harmony of the lines and discreet colors that are not attractive for the eye.

The important thing is not about filling an entire space with vivid colors and furniture. To embrace the “less is more” concept, an area should be filled in a very discreet way by saving space and make it more functional. When creating a minimal space, the furniture is almost invisible, thus small decorations make the perfect choice as we tend to put transparent materials on a space.

To create the perfect minimal space, one should always rely on natural light. With the minimalist style we tend to add as little accessories as possible, thus the atmosphere of a minimal space is absolutely fascinating when surrounded by natural light. In a certain way, the light manages to diffuse from one space to another and it creates a perfect harmony.

Functionality is deeply related to minimalism as everything we place in an empty space should be functional. A bed, 2 nightstands, a dresser and a mirror in sober colors are more than enough in a bedroom. Being practical, functional and focusing on the very concept of “less is more” make the whole point of minimalism.


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By Enxhi Tufina

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