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How I Take Care of the Bust Area


Many of you have been asking me about how I take care of the bust area and the products I use. That is why I decided to share some of my tricks for a perfect cleavage.

I always make sure to avoid hot water while taking a shower, because higher temperatures sooth the bust part more and this is not good at all. When I am at the end of the showering process, I tend to shower my hair and my chest with cold water, even in winter.

Another thing I do from time to time is putting ice on my chest: two or three ice cubs or two bags of ice, and leave them for a few minutes.

Every night I use the Pure Actives Collagen + Hyaluronic AcidBust from Collistar to tone the bust area. You can find this product at Étos Parfumeri.

Another product I use is for the stretch marks. Even though I do not have stretch marks in the bust area, I apply this product from Rilastil every morning before showering, to prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

It is very important to always wear a bra. This way you can prevent the bust from sagging.

Besides the usual exercises I do for my abs and butt, I always include workouts for the chest area at least 1-2 times a week by using some light weights and doing push-ups. If you don’t work out that much, you can do a minimum of 30 simple push-ups every day at any time. If you want to do more, you can follow many programs online, especially for the chest area. All you need are some light weights around 2-3 kg.


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