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How about a change of your hair color?


There is nothing more relaxing than a Sunday spent at your colorist’s saloon, while you are sited in a chair drinking coffee and choosing a new hair color for you. There are so many options and the only thing that comes to your mind is, will this be the right color, or is this a trend this year?

2018 will be quite daring when it comes to experiment with your look. It is for a fact now that the more the years pass by, the more new things are coming and the more we want to play with our style and look. Though the major part is focused on being blonde or having dark chocolate hair, or keeping that natural red, we still have that group of girls who find it quite boring being normal. Sometimes a little craziness keeps you out of randomness, so my suggestion for you will be, choose a color for your hair that you have never thought you would get in a million years. So, take a look at some hair color ideas to try on this year.


Silver hair

Oh la la! Silver hair is not for old people anymore, because it is now a color that represents the modern world and from teenagers to adults, there are no more boundaries if you want this color for yourself.

Kim Kardashian


Zoe Kravitz


Copper hair

Hey there ladies, what if you could skip your usual monthly hair color suggestion and opt for copper hair? Spicy colors are becoming more and more coveted as they give you a fresh and modern look.

Jessica Chastain


Sophie Turner


Rose Gold

Get over that usual blonde hair and add some pink tones to your hair. Rose Gold is so beautiful and you will look like you have just come out of a fantasy movie. Opt for a light rose hue and give a little light to your hair.

Elle Fanning




Red Wine Hair

Burgundy or red wine, call it as you wish, but this trend is back again and has come to give you a more dramatic look. Match it with a cherry lipstick and your aggressiveness will be the first thing to get lots of attention.





Icy Blue Hair

Icy Blue Hair is a real thing and it is the perfect transformation you can get during the cold season. Kim Kardashian stepped out with Icy Blue Hair and everyone started writing and talking about it, and it made us wish we could have healthy hair and patience while the colorist does the magic and make our hair look like the Ice Queen.

Kim Kardashian


Written by: Enxhi Tufina

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