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HOUSEHOLD HACKS Everyone Should Know


When it comes to upcycling goods and items around your home, it can take a bit of creativity and innovative thinking. Instead of letting things gather dust and create clutter in your space or (gasp) tossing them in the garbage (which we definitely do not recommend), give new life to the lingering items. Gift ’em with a second chance and rebirth.

To get your DIY muscles warmed up, we’re sharing 10 ways to upcycle and repurpose common household items you may not be using anymore. Learn the green hacks below and let this be one more way you’re shifting your home to be more sustainable and waste-free.

Hacks to Upcycle Household Items:

Solo sock taking up space in your basics drawer? Turn it into a face mask by cutting the top section off, and then cut two slits in the heel portion for your ears.

Before you toss rubber gloves that have seen better days, clip the fingers off and then cut into small rings and use as elastic bands to keep miscellaneous items organized in your drawers.

Turn a broken belt (or a belt that’s no longer your style ~aesthetic~) into a rustic shelf. How, you ask? Cut the belt in half (remove the buckle part), and then form a loop from each half and nail them into the wall. Then slide a sleek board between the loops.

Repurpose beauty and household products like droppers, candles, and glass bottles by properly cleaning them out and then using them as decorative storage.

Have an overflow of mason jars? Create homemade scented candles by filling the jar with oil, lemon, and a wick. Voilà!

Make your own biodegradable planters with paper towel or toilet paper rolls. Slice them in half, place in a potting tray, and add soil and seeds.

For another sock hack, use the solo sock as a makeshift Swiffer dust pad. Attach the sock to your Swiffer stick and dust away.

Run in your tights? If you want nice beachy waves, try this viral no-heat curls hack using an old pair of tights.

Put your stash of rubber bands to good use and save them for jars that are tough to open. Simply place the band around the lid and twist—the tension will help ease and open the product.

Use the side of an old (thin) sandal to bring hair and debris gathered in your carpet to the surface, making for a more efficient vacuum session.


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