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He’s just not that into you


Here is the thing, ladies: not every guy you meet is the perfect match. As much as you try getting his attention, he has probably given you some signs that you haven’t noticed or did not want to notice, that clearly tell you HE IS NOT THAT INTO YOU! Some guys send signs on purpose, because they do not want to tell you straight away that they are not that fond of you, so it is up to you to decode the signs.

See below the signs that tell you he is not the one you should date.


  1. Busy Busy Busy

If a guy is into you, he will always make sure to find time for you. If you start chatting with a guy that keeps saying “I have a friend who is coming over tonight”, “I have a business lunch or dinner”, “I have made plans with my friends for the weekend”, “I will call you later”, or “I do not have time now, I will text you later”, you better stay away from him, because he will not give you the chance to get to know one another.


  1. Not excited to meet you

If you ask a guy to go on a date or meet somewhere and he gives vague responses like “Oh, yeah”, “Hmm, yeah, sure”, “Yeah, why not”, he is sending signs to let you know that he is not really committed.


  1. Keeps cancelling on you

If he has cancelled on you once, you can keep up with that, because he might have been busy by the time you asked him out. If he cancels again by giving weird reasons, you should give up on him, because you will never get the chance to meet him.


  1. You are the one who always writes first

Maybe you didn’t study statistics at University, but you can absolutely tell if you are the one, who is always writing first, or if it’s him, or if it’s a 50-50 situation. If you have noticed that you are the one who always writes first, it is a clear sign that he is not really that committed. Try not to write to him and see if you will get any feedback from him. If not, move along…


  1. He never offers to meet

If you have started chatting with a guy from any social media channel, or you both matched on Tinder and notice that he is never offering to meet, you should not chat with him anymore. No one wants a guy who just enjoys chatting, but never offers to meet.


  1. He texts back only once in a while

If you write to someone and the response comes after 5 hours, 3 days, 2 weeks, he is clearly telling you STOP texting me. No one is that busy to not respond to a message.


  1. You are his last minute plan

If you notice that the guy you like always writes or calls you to go somewhere with him in short notice, then you are an afterthought. “Hey, I have two cinema tickets”. “Are you ready in 5 minutes?” “Hey, I haven’t gone to work today. Care for a coffee at around 14:00?” For sure, none of his friends was available to go somewhere with him, so he asked you. You do not want to be his afterthought!


By Enxhi Tufina


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