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July was the luxury or the Haute Couture month of some of the most famous brands. Despite the fact that each one of them had its special characteristics, I have chosen to share some of my favorites with you. We enter a world of fairies as we see them one by one, so… enjoy it!

Elie Saab World

The Elie Saab world will always be the number one for me as far as classic and bridal gowns are concerned. These dresses are a dream come true to every girl. They are all carefully worked, stylish and fine pieces of work. As you can see in this picture Elie Saab sticks to its classic line, but changes the colour and designs each year. Nevertheless, you can never miss an outfit from this brand because it never loses its special characteristics. The dresses vary from evening glowing gowns to princess like silk gowns in floral detailing and bridal gowns which are every girl’s dream.

Historic Valentino

In Valentino’s Haute Couture in Rome this year, despite the beauty of the dresses, what kicked it all off was its historic details. It was decided to be celebrated in this historic city for a reason. All the models representing the collection reminded me of the antic Rome, even the accessories especially the head accessories. It all made you think of the heroes and the princesses of that time, but the Valentino Haute Couture Show brought them in a very feminine and modern way. In my opinion that was the most beautiful runway show, with the most beautiful designs and the one that made me go back in time in the most beautiful way.

A different Zuhair

Although you can see its magic touch in each of his works and it is very easy to know its works, this time we see a different Zuhair Murad. In his new collections, we notice two main styles; the “night princess” style, in a charming dress and the crown in her head and the modern style in which you can even see pants that can very well be worn in different important events, such as the “red carpet pants”. Every girl can find something for herself in this diversity and it is also a very special novelty.

The fairytale like Dolce Gabbana

The Dolce Gabbana Haute Couture fashion show was really fabulous, from the enchanting dresses to the wonderful organization of the show. It was held at the designer’s house in Castello Brown, Portofino and I found the idea just genius, because the whole fashion show represented what they really are and their ideas were all displayed at their best. A summery breeze, a town like Portofino and a fairytale house full of special guests and an atmosphere that made you dream of fairies and princesses in dresses that words can hardly describe. All these details made the whole fashion show one of the most beautiful ones.

Bohemian Versace

This may be the very first time we see such a style in Versace and I believe this because even this brand tends to bring novelties from time to time. This runway show was maybe one of the most unpredictable ones. What I have always liked from Versace is the fact that he has combined class and finesse in a bohemian like look of the `70s, where you can also see the hippie crown. This is what makes it so special to me; it brings something new and different, never seen before in this brand. If I had to choose a dressing gown, I could always pick one from this Versace Collection.

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