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Kylie & Travis vs. Jane & Serge


Kylie Jenner and her partner Travis Scott are part of the GQ cover magazine for August and the whole internet world is going ‘wild’ from their photos. This is the first time they are on a magazine cover and speak about everything in their lives; from the moment they met in Coachella, their relationship, their daughter Stormi, etc. It was a frank interview from the couple who for the first time decided to talk about their things. Most comments about the magazine have been good but there were negative ones as well.



People have written why GQ magazine chose Kylie and Travis for the cover and so negative comments. Even photographer Paola Kudacki was criticized a lot. They accused her of lacking originality. Maybe since the GQ set is similar to that of the iconic famous 70′ couple Jane Brikin and Serge Gainsbourg, set made in 1978 from photographer Helmut Newton.

There have been many posts on Instagram, but also on Twitter, where they made a comparison between the photo shoots and many wrote that Kylie and Travis got their inspiration from the iconic couple. I need to underline here that even the outfits were similar. Just like Jane Brikin, Kylie wore a black pin up swim suit and Travis wore a suit. Even the poses are the same.

We don’t know if Kylie has already admitted that she was inspired by Jane and Serge, but the similarities are striking. It is exactly the same…

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