Hailey Baldwin’s Engagement Ring Has Been Swapped for a Wedding Band Already


Justin Bieber is here to make it clear that he does not mess around when it comes to getting married. A grand total of 22 days after it was revealed that Bieber had proposed to Hailey Baldwin, the model has been spotted out in New York City, having replaced her giant engagement ring with an elegant diamond wedding band. Have these two seriously gone and got married already? I’m too old to keep up with this.

Amongst other giant, neon, flashing signs that the wedding countdown was shorter than expected, the latest photos of Hailey suggest that she may already be Mrs Bieber. On Monday, 21-year-old Hailey stepped out wearing what appeared to be a diamond eternity band, above a second thick gold band on the same finger.

The idea of Bieber and Baldwin having a three week turn-around on their big day isn’t entirely out of the realms of possibility. Professional wedding planners considered, Hailey had also apparently chosen her bridesmaids just days after the proposal took place in the Bahamas, and the couple have already appeared to meet with a pastor while spending a lot of recent time together at church.

Earlier this week Justin also teased fans with a hint at the wedding being just around the corner. On Sunday, when paparazzi asked what else is currently in the works for the singer, Justin simply answered, “What’s next? Getting married,” according to a video on TMZ. He and Hailey then smiled at each other before making their exit.

Maybe she’s just getting the engagement rock resized this week? The only factor suggesting that the wedding hasn’t happened just yet is Justin’s clearly still-naked ring finger but, let’s be real—in the summer of 2018, a.k.a. the summer of super-speed engagements, nothing can surprise me anymore.

From: Marie Claire


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