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Gucci Sent 68 Sets Of Identical Twins Down The Runway


The spring/summer 2023 Gucci show, titled Twinsburg, featured no fewer than 68 sets of identical twins (yes, actual twins). Ahead of a show dedicated to his mother Eralda and her twin sister Giuliana, whom he also refers to as his mother, creative director Alessandro Michele praised their unique bond. “Two extraordinary women who made their twinship the ultimate seal of their existence,” he said in the show notes. “They lived in the same body. They dressed and combed their hair in the same way. It’s exactly the impossibility of the perfectly identical that nourishes the magic of twins.”

Each set of twins entered the stage independently, separated by a mirrored wall down in the middle, and walked in the exact same look. The wall was then raised for the unexpected grand finale, which brought the model pairs together in the centre to walk hand-in-hand down the runway for maximum impact.

No doubt months of preparation and monumental effort went into the casting. Additionally, each pair of models had custom-made garments that were precisely tailored to them, which suggests the fittings were probably just as laborious.

It caused quite the stir in Milan, but what else to expect from the shows? There’ll likely be starry casting at Versace tonight, while over the weekend, Maximilian Davis’s highly-anticipated debut collection for Ferragamo has the entire industry on high alert.

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