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Granada And Seville Are Love At First Sight!



Are you planning a trip in Spain but you don’t have any idea where to go and what to do? When I think of Spain, certain things come to mind: flamenco, bullfighting, architecture, history, tapas, and fiestas. Spain is a country rich in history, culture, and entertainment and here have so much thing to do and to see. Do not plan to see too much of Spain at one time. Many want to see one new city every day. So, for this weekend we have selected Granada and Seville, because are love at first sight!



Seville is the heart of Andalucía – it’s the typical Spain you envision. A Spanish city abundant in flamenco dancing, Gothic architecture, and mouth-watering churros. It has it all. Flamenco, old stuff, warm weather with hot winds that smell like orange blossoms and the romantic plazas that adorn the streets. It. Seville, it’s a place full of life, fun and love.



Barrio de Santa Cruz

Barrio Santa Cruz is a quaint part of Seville and a must to explore! Touristy, but beautiful housing architecture, small, narrow winding streets, interesting shops and plenty of restaurants/cafes to stop and have a glass of wine and people watch. Historic neighborhood with small squares and beautiful tile work. This area of Seville has many fascinating narrow streets and picturesque plazas. Cool vibe with charmingly narrow streets, fun shopping areas and beautiful architecture throughout.



Triana, Seville

Triana is one of the most colorful neighborhoods in Seville. Here you can find charming paved streets, ceramic shops, pretty churches, atmospheric tapas bars, and beautiful traditions. You shouldn’t miss this lovely and positive place.




Alcazar, Seville

It’s so unique and has such an important place in history, and architecturally is a masterpiece mescla of so many different styles (Romans, the Visigoths, the Phoenicians, the Moors-all left their fingerprint here). Not to mention the gardens are stunning. Beyond worth the wait in line! It’s one of the places where Game of Thrones filmed. It had such an important role in the history of Andalusia.




Seville Cathedral

Phenomenal, mesmerizing and a beautiful cathedral in the heart of Seville. The Cathedral is an excellent example of the architecture of the time and has elaborate and ornate components. The way it has developed over time is interesting how the cultures have added to it. It just catch your breath when you look at it!



Museo del Baile Flamenco

This museum perfectly shows the excitement and passion of flamenco. Fantastic atmosphere, amazing artists: musicians and dancers. It is one of the best attractions in Seville. Buy the ticket online, otherwise you risk losing the show, since it is very requested. Great mix of music and dance, the musicians really help illustrate the stories of the dancers, highly recommend a visit. A fantastic show – the small theatre meant that one was very close to the dancers which made the show immediate and atmospheric. This was one of my favorite activities in Sevilla, do not ever miss it! Full of energy and enthusiasm!!!




Bar Eslava

Eslava makes just happy! Fashionable restaurant 20 years ago which offers tasty tapas with wonderful atmosphere and friendly local vibe. This is a nice place for someone looking for a solid meal in a quiet, romantic setting – perfect for older couples or those looking to have a low-key evening. Really worth seeking this one out, highly recommended!






Granada is blessed with Moorish heritage dating back more than 700 years. Granada will give you another level of admiration for this must see vessel of culture and heritage. If you love history and beauty it is a must see. Granada has a reputation for bohemian shabbiness, for a certain louche, down-at-heel ambience. Granada is split up into four main neighbourhoods, all with very distinctive atmospheres. Around the cathedral, Plaza Nueva and Calle Reyes Catolicos is modern, sophisticated Granada. Here are chic shops, bars and restaurants


La Alhambra

La Alhambra ( as they call the castle) is a must and the main attraction in Granada. The Alhambra’s the number one highlight of Granada. It is a must-see place once you are in Granada. The Alhambra is a breathtaking place. The history and the beauty of the gardens and the interior architecture are a must see as a world traveler!




Restaurante El Agua

When you are wandering the streets of the Albaicin area of Granada try to find this Restaurant El Agua. A lovely restaurant with the most beautiful view of Granada. The food was delicious, the local wines were delicious and we had the perfect evening watching the lights go on in Alhambra. A beautiful sight!


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