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Give to your skin a golden glow with these fake tans


As much as we look forward to going to the beach, we come to face a little problem, that of having a fair skin. We have been covering ourselves for too long during winter, but now it is time to wear short jeans or dresses and we do not like the way we look. There is a solution to everything, so there is an option for our dilemma too: using fake tan. But applying a fake tan is not a joke, because with many products that have been launched in the market, you should consider getting the best ones. Luckily, with a fake tan we can easily get the much needed summer glow, before we head to the beach. There are tans of all kinds: gradual tan, tan for particularly fair skin, face tan and tan for a much deeper glow.

Before you head to the store to purchase any fake tan, you should pay attention to some tips that will come in handy.

  1. Scrub. Before you apply a tan, you should consider using a scrub on your skin that will remove the dead cells. This process will make sure the skin stays smooth and the tan can be applied easily and you will get a better golden color.
  2. No perfume, no deodorant and no moisturizer. On the very day that you will apply the tan you should avoid using perfume or any kind of deodorant or moisturizer.
  3. No waxing. Forget about going to your esthetician for waxing after getting a fake tan, because that would ruin everything. The wax will remove the tan very quickly, so consider waxing before getting a tan.
  4. Choose it carefully. We do not recommend instant tans because they are not long-lasting and can be removed easily with soap and water. Instead, opt for a gradual tan, which is more effective, especially if it is your first time. A mousse tan is easy to apply and it dries quickly, but you can also use a spray tan just like Kim Kardashian. She even uses the spray on her head to give a glow to the scalp as well.

Have a look at our selection of fake tans that will give you the much needed glow and you will be so ready for the summer.

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By Enxhi Tufina

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