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GIVE TO RECEIVE: The Power of the Universe

When someone says the universe is sending us a signal, it probably is. Our bodies and our minds are in constant interaction with cosmic forces, even during an unconscious state. We can use this inextricable link to our advantage because the energy we put out circulates right back to us. When we give, the universe reciprocates. We must decide what we need and what we want, then channel that same vibrational energy. It will come back full circle, illustrating the power we have over our destiny.

In a sense, humans have an inherent partnership with the universe. No matter how we want to separate our physical bodies and our minds from the material universe, they are linked because we are essentially one—co-creating in a field of consciousness, notes Deepak Chopra in The Seven Spiritual Laws of YogaAyurvedic medicine, which has roots over 5,000 years old, also reinforces the notion that our existence is inseparable from cosmic consciousness.

We may expect a lot, but are we willing to give that much? Whether it is quality time, encouragement, patience, honesty, or anything else we desire, we must manifest and spread those qualities first. To receive, we must be willing to give. It may be tough to view these abstract deeds as transactions, but that is the way of the universe.

Use good deeds as a vessel to emanate positive energy.

Be Compassionate

Bring compassion and tolerance into your relationships. Empathizing with others can go a long way. To engender harmonious circulation between the universe and yourself, pure intentions behind the act is critical.

Practice Honesty

Be honest and show integrity if that is treatment you expect to receive.

Now and always. Whether it comes in the form of food, goods, money, compliments, prayer, or time, it should not be backed by the motive to receive, but rather to bring happiness to the receiving end. This is simply how the cosmos function. Giving out of love is ideal. The law of least effort, according to Deepak Chopra, establishes that “nature is held together by the energy of love, and least effort is expended when your actions are motivated by love.”

Give Your Time

Spend quality time with those who need you. Be there for them, and if it’s done with genuine motive, then the favor may return.

Take Care of Yourself

Self-love is underrated, yet essential. If you are positive and good to yourself, the world will radiate more of that for you. If you are negative and harsh on yourself, then the universe will continue to generate a negative force of energy. Meditation, exercise, a healthy diet, and stress reduction catalyze to better yourself and can align energy toward receiving more happiness. According to Dr. Harmony in Twin Flame Code Breaker, this will raise your vibration, and the universe will deliver what you want to match that higher energy channel.


From Poosh by Monica Haider

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