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Gigi Hadid announced a Makeup collaboration with Maybelline


One more famous face is about to get a makeup line of her own.

On Sunday afternoon, both Gigi Hadid and Maybelline posted announcements to social media to build buzz for #GIGIxMAYBELLINE, a range the 22-year-old model created in collaboration with the brand.

Hadid first signed on as the face of Maybelline back in 2015, and has been vocal in the media about her desire to one day create a cosmetics collection of her own.

If her photo is any indication of what’s coming, there seem to be multiple neutral lipsticks along with some in purples and reds. There are also colorful eyeliners in green, purple, blue, and white as well as eye-shadow singles in violet, navy, and copper. One thing we know for sure is everything will be affordable — Maybelline is a drugstore brand, after all.




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