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Getting Back to Work


As hard as it may sound bouncing back to reality and leaving behind all those precious moments spent on the beach with your loved ones, it is time to face the ugly truth that the current situation with the pandemic isn’t that good and that getting back to the office doesn’t seem to be an option.

But how can you bring the focus back at work even though you’d be staying home again? It might seem difficult, but it is not impossible.

See below some tips on how to gain that missed focus and get your a** back at work.

Take out your notes. The day before getting back to work, take a few moments to remind yourself your last duties and if you had any pending tasks. Check your correspondence and your notes, it will help you get back on track.

Reconnect with colleagues. On the first day, reach out to your colleagues to have a chat or a zoom call so you can have some quality time. Talk about your holidays and future projects. Who knows, one of your colleagues might remind you about a pending project that you totally forgot about.

Reorganize your workstation. Most probably you are fed up with the way you are working, so it’s time you forget about the couch and create your own working area, or you might redecorate the space you used to work before the holidays. Sales are still on, so a new work desk at Ikea doesn’t sound like a bad idea. We also suggest adding some new plants to your house. You can check the article here about this year’s top favourite plants.

Focus on your skills. Focus on what makes you a good employee and take the time to improve your skills. Maybe you are a good Excel user, but you can become an excellent one. Use your time during the pandemic to focus on you, and why not, become a better version of yourself.

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