Gal Gadot to play Cleopatra in new biopic


Gal Gadot will play Cleopatra in a new biopic about the Egyptian queen. The film will be directed by Patty Jenkins, who worked with the actress on the Wonder Woman movies.

Cleopatra has been played by numerous famous women over history, most memorably by Elizabeth Taylor in 1963. That film – which won four Oscars, including Best Picture – cost more to make that any other film that year, and nearly bankrupted 20th Century Fox.

The latest film to be made about the ancient ruler will be produced by Paramount who wants to release the movie as soon as possible. Gadot and Jenkins will both help shape the narrative with female empowerment expected as a key focus.

The news of a big studio investing in a new blockbuster shines a hopeful light over the cinema industry, which has struggled under the weight of the pandemic. Gadot’s Wonder Woman sequel has itself been delayed to Christmas Day.

Gadot announced the news of her casting on Saturday, 10 October, to coincide with International Day of the Girl.

“As you might have heard I teamed up with Patty jenkins and Leata Kalogridis to bring the story of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, to the big screen in a way she’s never been seen before,” she wrote on Instagram. “To tell her story for the first time through women’s eyes, both behind and in front of the camera. And we are especially thrilled to be announcing this on International Day of the Girl!”


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