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The Futuristic Sunglasses Trend


Everyone think that one of the most powerful trends for sunglasses are the small sunglasses named ‘matrix’ or ‘tiny sunglasses’ which were liked by everyone. We are seeing these `90s sunglasses everywhere, even on our Instagram feed.

When everyone thought that these sunglasses were having the highlight of their time, some influencers showed us otherwise. We mean the Kardashians and model Bella Hadid, who is turning into a style icon, and is always up to date with the latest trends. The next Trend Alert is the big sunnies like ‘futuristic sunglasses’ or ‘aviator sunglasses’. We can say that girls like Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Bella Hadid have been the first to embrace the trend for this year. We all know the power and influence the Kardashians have in the fashion world. If they think something becomes a trend, believe us it becomes a trend. Kanye West, except for being a great rapper, is also a great influencer in the fashion world. We could call it the “Yeezy Effect”. He is the one, who advises his wife Kim Karshaian-West on everything about fashion, and it was him who told her to get rid of the futuristic sunglasses and wear the `90s sunglasses, but recently he’s suggesting the opposite. Love him or hate him – You can’t deny the Kardashians’ impact on the fashion industry.

Futuristic sunglasses that resemble ski goggle are the shades of the season. This is the surprise for all of us: the comeback of the futuristic in the world of glasses! Giant, bug-eyed, athletic-inspired frames that cover nearly the entire top half of one’s face. One trend that appeared both on and off the runway was sports sunglasses.  Whether you are opting for a reflective look or over-sized frame, there is a futuristic style to suit any face.

The future is already here and so step aside from the classical eye-wear looks and embrace something more futuristic. They will give the face a really futuristic feel.

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