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From Monday to Sunday Like Negin Mirsalehi


When it comes to clothing and fashion, ‘waste’ of time is a word that’s heard a lot. In terms of fast fashion, in terms of disposable clothing, we’re more than well versed. However, closer to home, little is said about the waste of our time. An hour in the morning or, for our more organized friends out there, 30 minutes the evening before. On the daily time is being wasted trying to decide what to wear each day. Well, we say – NO MORE! You want to dress nice, but figuring out the perfect outfit takes so much time. You always tell yourself you will do it and dress nice the whole week, but you end up picking three days out of the week to look good and then call it a day. When it comes to your weekly wardrobe or, at least your Monday to Sunday, it is a daily struggle figuring out what to wear. No more worries because this week let’s wear like Negin Mirsalehi.



Monday is the first day of the work week and you maybe feel blue, but you should bright this day with stylish outfit like Negin in this photo. A blazer jacket is perfect for office and don’t forget that is a big trend for the moment. A blazer and black pants with a belt bags would prove to be a very chic look.




Do you a have a meetings day and we are nervous what to wear? Negin suggest us this outfit. Every girl needs a sweater dress in her fall wardrobe. You could wear your sweater dress with your favorite high-knee boots and you it will also look stylish in meetings day.


Have you passed a tired day at work? You should go for a coffee with your friends or loved ones because you deserve it. Negin suggest this outfit because she loves shirt under sweater. Pair it with your favorite jeans or pants and with sock boots. You will look so French!




Another day at work? Yes we know and for you we have this outfit. Grab your favorite office jacket and pair it with Gucci belt bag and your outfits will go at another level and all eyes will be at you!


Ring-Ring, Time for lunch! Wear your favorite hoody and enjoy your lunch.




We come to a conclusion that Negin loves shirt under sweater, belt bags and sock boots which are the biggest trend for this year. She starts trends every time she walks out the door and then keeps up with them, as if to prove she really likes what she’s wearing. So you what are waiting for? Here is the outfit to inspire you:


Coffee time

Red is the color for this winter and you should have a red jacket or red coat in your wardrobe to look so sensual and stylish at your coffee time.


Another outfit idea for coffee time:





Yesssss, it’s Friday! You probably have passed a tired week and need to have fun with your friends. Are you going somewhere to dance all night or to drink a glass of wine but we are confused what to wear? Black dress is always our solution and it’s so elegant look.





Maybe this day you will want to sleep and have a late morning? Yes, we feel you. Negin has worn this look for her brunch. She has the ability to elevate a seemingly simple outfit to a high-fashion level.


After that do you want to drink a coffee? Here is your inspiring outfit:


Are you planing to go out Saturday night?  With a metallic dress you will shine!!




Sunday is for shopping, for picnic and time to relax and get energy for next week.


Going for a walk with your dog. Wear your favorite faux fur sweater and retro hats! 


 If you want spending all day at home…


Enjoy a ice-cream on Sunday with pink faux fur

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