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Yes, it’s true, the food you eat can help to brighten your smile, or do the opposite and make your teeth look dull. It’s no secret that we are what we eat, but when we begin understanding that food works on a cellular level, it’s a game-changer. Have you ever seen someone after a while and they look great: fit, toned, glowing? This is because they’ve done something that works on the cellular level, and it can even affect your teeth.

When it comes to having a healthy mouth, just like every other part of the body, an overall healthy diet plays a huge role. Think about the acids in our stomach that break down food—well, those actually start producing the second we smell food. And of course our saliva and the other glands in our mouth play a huge role in that too. So the food we eat contains enzymes to help produce the acids we need and that impacts our teeth and how bright they are too. Fun, huh? OK, I know, I’m a science geek and you’re here just to know what to eat for brighter teeth, so here it goes.

Here’s a hero food if you ask me and not just because it’s delicious, but because of the enzymes it contains. Bromelain is found in pineapple and it helps to break down sticky build-up on our enamels, literally stripping it away at the surface level.

Two words for you: malic acid. Similar to ascorbic acid, malic acid works as a natural astringent, helping to improve discoloration. Eat them fresh or add them to your foods frozen, and don’t forget to floss the seeds out.

Nuts and seeds 
Containing a good amount of calcium, not only do they make our teeth stronger, but their abrasive texture helps to file away plaque build-up.

Are you tired of this food yet? As you can see now, it’s good for more than just weight loss. Here’s the kicker: eat it raw once in a while and let the florets help clean in between your teeth. Broccoli is also high in iron, which is a helpful mineral in warding off harmful bacteria that leads to tooth discoloration. See? It’s preventative and a good treatment.

This bad boy works to cleanse your liver, and the crunch helps to relieve stress and prevent plaque from sticking to your teeth. It’s so crunchy that it produces more saliva to eat, and the high level of saliva keeps the bad stuff away to give your teeth a brighter shine.

See, this was fun to learn, right? It doesn’t end there though. These foods all work together to make your whole body strong. Remember to eat five colors a day and always combine your macros for full-body wellness.

While the below aren’t foods to eat on their own, these two ingredients are my favorite to clean up and brighten your teeth with no matter how much red wine you consumed.

Baking soda and activated charcoal not only break down the plaque that’s built up, but bring a natural shine to your teeth. Use it as a paste or a rinse, every once in a while, but don’t forget to spit. You don’t want to swallow these two potent ingredients often.


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