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Flashback New York in the 90’s


This was my very first trip to New York.
Although I had long looked forward to going, I waited to do this at the right moment.
Whenever I thought of New York, besides the skyscrapers, the taxis, the history and the Wall Street, I also connected it to fashion as one of my favorite interest fields.
The city itself reminds me of the numerous artists, especially those of the `80-`90s.
Rock stars staying in old hotels in white coats, dark glasses and leather jackets, all the immortal figures of the `90s with their photos in black and white in the neighborhoods of Manhattan and of course, the true inspiration always remains in the Hollywood movies, most of which were filmed in this city.
I found the inspiration for this photo shooting precisely in those moments and the return in ’90s, with some black and white photos.
Along with Eugenio (my photographer), we chose a neighborhood ala “Old Manhattan”, black and white pictures and one of my outfits that takes you back in time; a merging of the gothic and modern.
I loved this on spot combination and I think that it fits to New York and the fable of this photo shoot.
During the set I used to call myself “Dracula”, because the sleeve, the scarf, the Judy R Clark jacket and the Gucci glasses remind me exactly of the “Dracula” movie, especially the moments when he walked in the streets full of people in the 800s and certainly, the Gothic style combined with a “little black dress”, velvet and sexy Zara and a pair of Louboutin So Kate, take a different meaning and become more “fashion” and usable even on the road.

Photo: Eugenio Qose
Location: New York
Tags: Judy R Clark, Gucci, Louboutin, Zara

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