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I often like to get back in time, watch old movies and take a good look at how fashion has changed through the years and decades. When I read the world classic books, I feel as if I go back to the delights of that given time and I imagine all the details; the details include fashion. Being a passionate about details like accessories, clothes, hairstyles or the make-up of different times, I used to write a lot of articles concerning this thematic in the magazine I worked for several years. The beauty of it is that this was the part of the job that I enjoyed so much that I didn’t account that as a real work, but as following my passion. I was so passionate about going back in the time when first dresses were made and then study the way they were developed into what we see in nowadays fashion week shows. This is the part that intrigues me most, because besides being an art, fashion also bears history and it can take you back in time and dive deep into imagination and all these will later turn into an unbelievable creative spirit; just like it happened to me. It was exactly this creative spirit that urged me to work my way in a fashion magazine and it was this force that urged me to open this blog for you and for me. Each one of my combinations bears something more than just fashion or a desire to have a nice look; to me, every detail bears a special significance and takes me somewhere back in time, maybe in a memory. You will often see inspiration in my outfits, inspiration from the past, or even from more remote times. In this photo shoot I have given a lot of my passion. It takes us back in the end of the `60s or the beginning of the `70s. The Versace skirt reminds me of the years when colors were dominant for the first time; it is a throwback in the `70s style. The skirt looks fabulous in a Michael Kors shirt, buttoned up till the neck and then… accessories (my favorite part). I like playing with the details and that’s the beauty of it, because I can find accessories that fit in that style and wear them together with my outfit. For example, these Gucci sunglasses are from the previous season but they are typical of the `70s; so do the Versace round earrings and Fendi shoes. I could not end this without some puffed up hair, a little bit wavy, and strong red lips from an Estee Lauder lipstick that makes for a whole fabulous look.

Photography Geljant Kaleci

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