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Fashion Apps That Make Our Life A Lot Easier


The Internet and the technology  have changed the way we thought about fashion. Now we can buy cloths, handbags, accessories, and shoes virtually anywhere and everywhere.

No more “what’s this fashion item and where can I get it” because now we have fashion apps that make our life a lot easier.

We have round up some of fashion apps that you should know. Now go download these fashion apps and discover clothing and brands you love, and get recognized for your style!!


Kim Kardashian West has thrown her name behind an app that its co-founders call “Shazam for fashion.” Screenshop, an app by a New York-based startup called Craze, lets users load screenshots of looks they like and then populates a feed of similar products at a range of price points.  You take a screenshot of anything on your phone or a photo of someone whose outfit you like. The app is pretty simple!!



Like To Know It

Ever wish you could buy exactly what your favorite Instagrammers are wearing? This fashion apps is for you! It is an easy way for you to shop via Instagram. Once you sign in with your email on the Like to Know It app, any Instagram you then like with a shopping link will automatically email the ready-to-shop product link to you directly. Amazing fashion app!



img_5944 img_5945



This application helps fashion lovers to discover sample sales so they can wear brands they love for prices they can afford. Based on your location it finds the nearest current and upcoming sales, providing details and a short recap of what you can expect based on the label’s past sales. ShopDrop is addicting!






StyleBook is a virtual closet app for your real-life wardrobe to help you get the most out of the clothes you own. The more you know StyleBook, the more you know about your wardrobe and the better your personal style will be! With this app you can look effortlessly chic everyday!





Mallzee is dedicated to changing the way you shop. With one free app, we’re making finding and buying the clothes you love fast and easy. You can shop all your favorite brands and there really is something for everyone. It is the perfect app for fashion and shopping lovers everywhere!!

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