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Happy Saturday! Oh and hello Fall! We are totally saying goodbye to summer and welcoming Fall right now. Hot coffee, crisp nights, scarves and getting all bundled up.

Summer is winding down and autumn is on it’s way, but the weather just won’t make it’s mind up. In other words, it’s transition season. Now we can look forward to the comfy, cozy clothes that cool weather brings. And we have special luck this year: The trends are especially winter-friendly this season to keep you warm while looking hot. It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for since February: During Fashion Week, you get excited over all the different trends you see on the runway.

We can now enjoy the process of building a new wardrobe. So we have rounded up top fall trends 2018. Take a look to be more inspired:



Plaid was everywhere at the fall 2017 runways, but looking at what’s coming for Fall 2018, the trend will once again be everywhere: blazers, coats, skirts, accessories, you name it plaid will be on it. From colorful coats to menswear-inspired blazers to unexpected plaid accessories, there are endless ways to weave the trend into your wardrobe this year.



Animal Prints

In the Fall 2018 runway shows, we saw a wide range of different types of animal prints. From leopard and snake prints to zebra and tiger stripes, animal spots are about to dominate all of our fall wardrobes. Animal prints are a fun way to stand out in a crowd.




A trend that we will see again this season is leather. Leather everything: leather tops, leather jackets, leather skirts, leather pants, leather shorts, leather bags etc.



Oversized and puffy coats

There are plenty of different styles that are in fashion this season, though it is to be noted that anything oversized in the coat context shall keep you in the trendy zone. The new season brings long and oversized coats as the most stylish alternatives of outerwear for those, who try to be in the spotlight constantly with their great taste and it’s you to decide whether to go long or bulky to look cool this season.



Flower Prints

We all love a floral dress for summer, but designers are amping them up with a dark, dramatic twist for this Fall/Winter too. Florals are all about having fun with fashion and embracing the joy and romance of Fall/Winter. Floral prints offer a touch of femininity to warm weather style so you can bring out your girlish charm.




Futuristic and Silver trend

The message is loud and clear: this fall, wear what you want, but wear glitter as much as you can! Sparkles and glitter are going to be must-haves for your wardrobe fall/winter season. This trend lit up the runways, so now it’s time to take it to your closet.



Logo-mania trend

Logo-mania has taken over the fashion industry again, making a return from its last cycle in the ’90s. This season, designers have resurrected the ’90s logo-mania trend, plastering brand names across our favorite pieces of clothing and accessories.



Boho Spirit

Boho chic is popping up everywhere this fall! From the runway to the streets, the hippie movement is back in full swing. So let’s jump right in to the boho chic style essentials this Fall.




On and off the catwalk, white will have a dazzling moment this Fall season. Life’s too boring in all black, so let’s embrace white this season. Give yourself an instant mood boost when you roll through winter wearing white whites.

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