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Facts And Myths About Hair Removal


Over the years we have heard a lot about hair removal and we have come to a point that we cannot distinguish which one is a true fact and which one is just a myth. With so much said about hair removal, it is very important that we pay attention only to the true facts about shaving, waxing and lasering.


Waxing helps your hair grow finer than ever

This is true and it is one of the reasons why so many people prefer waxing to shaving or using a removal cream. If you have been waxing for years, you will notice that your hair will be much finer and removing it won’t be that painful anymore.



Don’t trim your hair

Do not get embarrassed if you have let your hair grow so much and your esthetician has to see that. I have heard that many people trim their hair before an appointment, which is something that has to stop, because you might cut your hair too short and the wax won’t be able to remove them completely. Forget about getting embarrassed or anything else, because hair growth is a normal phenomenon, and leave it to a professional to get rid of your hair.


Waxing causes ingrown hair

Those who have been waxing for years are fully aware of the phenomenon of ingrown hair. Such thing is caused due to the fact that the more you wax the weaker the hair grows and it cannot break through the skin. Sometimes ingrown hair can cause irritation, but to stop this from happening, you should consider body scrub, or a gentle exfoliation once a week.


No coffee before waxing

When I first heard about this, I thought it was just a myth, but when I experienced it myself, I was completely convinced that it is true. If you have a coffee before your appointment at the esthetician, caffeine will make the skin more sensitive and more likely to feel pain. So, before waxing try to avoid products that contain caffeine.


Lasering is not for everyone

If you want to remove your hair with lasering, first of all you should get the recommendation of a professional. You also need to know that you need to have the right skin tone if you want your hair to be removed with a laser. If you have dark hair and a lighter skin tone, you are perfect for the process.

So far I have mentioned true facts about hair removal, but there are a few myths that circulate mostly between women and it is time we put an end to those untrue rumors about hair removal.


Shaving makes your hair grow thicker and darker

This is so untrue, because professionals have given their arguments on the matter and have explained that by shaving your hair you only remove them from the surface of your skin. Hair color and thickness is affected only if hair is removed from deep down in the skin. So, shaving is not getting your hair thicker or darker.


Shaving removes tan

If we are talking about fake tans, yes, shaving removes fake tans, but it is absolutely untrue if you have real tan. Those hours and hours in the sun getting tanned will not be ruined by shaving your hair.



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