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How to Apply The Eye Cream


The eye cream is essential for the skincare routine, but it is sometimes applied the wrong way. In order to avoid any consequences of an incorrectly applied eye cream, The Rebel Heart shows you the right way to use your eye cream by following a few steps.

First of all choose an eye cream that fits your needs and your skin type. Pay special attention to the ingredients, because you might be allergic to one of them, and also pay attention to the product description to get the necessary information about its function and usage. You can get an eye cream for every problem you might have like: fine lines, dark circles, wrinkles, tired eyes, and for younger ages there are products that prevent skin aging. It is never too early to start taking care of your skin and prevent premature skin aging, especially when it comes to the eye area, which is very delicate.

Using the index finger to apply the eye cream is not correct, because through the index finger you are putting a lot of pressure on the eye area and that damages it, due to the fact that the index finger is the strongest one. To avoid any consequences, you better use the ring finger. The pressure will be very light on this area and make sure to massage it gently as you apply the cream.

Another common mistake is the area where the eye cream is applied, because many apply it only under the eye. You should also apply the cream under the brow, because that is also a very delicate area which needs maximum attention. So, make sure you go all around the eye area from the inner corner to the upper brow using only the ring finger until the cream is fully absorbed.


By Enxhi Tufina

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