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The best exhibitions of 2019


From Van Gogh with a digital revamp to the treasures of Tutankhamun, 2019 promises to be a particularly strong year for culture. Here’s a taste of what’s to come this year – diaries at the ready…   Toutânkhamon at la Villette British archeologist Howard Carter discovered Toutânkhamon‘s tomb on November 4, 1922. This event would change the course of art history, bringing the long-forgotten 18th dynasty pharaoh back into the limelight. Toutânkhamon’s tomb was found intact, along with its numerous treasures. In 1967, one million people visited…

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Copenhagen in 11 essential addresses


With its colorful architecture, designer shops, ultra-inventive Nordic cuisine, art galleries, and more, Copenhagen has all the (good) reasons to go there for a long autumn weekend. Guided tour of our favorite addresses throughout the Danish capital.    Packing your bags at Sanders Hotel  Like an ultra chic townhouse, Hotel Sanders combines the best of contemporary design in one place. Installed behind the Royal Theater in Copenhagen, it opened on 1 November 2017 under the leadership of star dancer Alexander Kølpin . Dazzling his theatricality and his…

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Hidden Treasures in Venice


Venice has always been considered a magical and romantic place. The city brings lots of emotions, especially when you travel there with your beloved one. But, if you truly want to explore Venice, you need to visit its hidden gems, and Vogue Paris has created the perfect guide for you to enjoy yourselves. With must-see addresses and hidden treasures, you will have the perfect time in Venice if you follow Vogue Paris’s guide.              …

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