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Side-Stripe Pants/Denim Are Strong Again For Spring 2018


Side stripe pants have been a huge fashion trend in 2017, and yes, you can dress them up again this spring. Especially in these first spring weeks, when the season’s change make us sleepy and lazy, there’s nothing better than wear an comfy but super cool outfit! Both chic and comfortable, these pants are definitely a closet must-have. The different styles of trousers are so cool. You can pair them with a heel and sweater for an evening look, or…

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New Year’s Resolution according to The Rebel Heart


Being so close to a New Year, makes you feel more and more anxious as a new period will start and new unknown things will come across your way. Just to make things a little more interesting for you, just take a piece of paper or your own notebook and start writing your New Year’s resolution. You may call it a therapy or some kind of a game, but in the end, this list will somehow help you through the…

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