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The Women Who Inspired Fashion’s Most Coveted Handbags


As handbags have gained prominence in popular culture, designers have sought out to create signature bags for the everyday woman. Luxury brands looked to the Old Hollywood actresses and celebrities to develop a recognizable namesake accessory that manifests both the style of the brand and its muse. The iconic women and the bags dedicated to them create an intimate dialogue in fashion of what women want, and what the designer sees. From the Birkins to Speedys and everything in between, CR highlights the most coveted bags…

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Sophia Loren’s Most Stylish Moments


At this point, it’s practically redundant to call Sophia Loren a bombshell. From the moment she landed a five-movie contract with Paramount in 1958, the Oscar winner became virtually synonymous with Italian glamour, whether she was dominating the red carpet as a 21-year-old at Cannes or playing a lingerie-draped siren opposite leading men such as Cary Grant and Marlon Brando. Now 84-years-old, the eternal symbol of la dolce vita is back on set for the first time in a decade for a…

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The Glamour of Cannes Film Festival


The glamour of Cannes Film Festival dates back to 1946. The Festival is not only about presenting the movies of the year and announcing the winners, it also serves as a place where many newcomers or stars can make a name for themselves and get recognition worldwide. The 50s and 60s were definitely the best years of Cannes Film Festival, a place where people had the chance to see Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn taking a walk by…

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