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5 Healthy Summer Salad Recipes


When the countdown to summer begins, we realize that we need to take better care of our body. If you ask any gym instructor they will definitely say that the busiest months ever are March and April as most people think that they can get in shape within 2-3 months time, but as much as you put all your efforts on those workout equipments, you will never get the body you want if you do not pay attention to what…

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5 Easy Healthy Breakfasts Ideas


TIC TOC…Time is running out, as Summer will soon knock on our doors and we have a few months until we get ready to hit the beach and wear those swimsuits with confidence. As much as we go to the gym, we have to admit that it is a waste of time all the effort we are putting, if we do not eat the right food. We are not mentioning any specific diet, but the only thing, which is crucial,…

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Desserts Are a Sweet Way to Celebrate Christmas


Christmas is only a few days away, which probably means you will be heading to a couple Christmas feasts. In Christmas time all we need is love and chocolate and then doesn’t hurt!  No Christmas meal would be complete without Christmas desserts. Decked with glitter and iced snowflakes, these sprightly cupcakes, strawberry Santa Clause are a sweet way to celebrate the holidays. Haven’t decided yet what dessert are you cooking for Christmas Day? We have rounded some delicious homemade desserts…

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