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France’s Palace of Versailles Will Host Its First Rave This Summer


Once the site of debaucheries carried out by various King Louises and their royal courts, the Palace of Versailles is set to open its doors to the public this summer to host its very first electronic music night. In short, yes, there will be a rave in Marie Antoinette’s old stomping grounds. What, you thought the French people were going to carry out multiple revolutions and not eventually party in their former despot’s fancy palaces? Dubbed Versailles Electro, the June 8 party will be…

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Hairstyle Ideas for Party Season


Many people might consider December as the last month of a year full of commitments, with its ups and downs, but for some it marks the start of the party season. Only when you think about it, the parties you have to attend include: Office Christmas Party, a party with your BFFs somewhere cool, Christmas Dinner with the family, New Year’s Eve Party, etc. All these parties make you feel so much stressed as you want to find the right…

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The Best Fashion Parties of the ’80s


But before Kate Upton and Alexander Wang came on the scene, Yves Saint Laurent and Diana Ross were the ones to watch at a dance party. Take a look back at some of the fêtes that attracted fashion’s finest in the ’80s.                                         From  …

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