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How To Shop The Sales Like a Pro


Shopping is definitely the best way to kick off the New Year. When we say shopping, we mean “smart shopping” that will only include those things you really need and suit you. Probably every woman is the happiest during January, as sales are in every corner. You will finally have the opportunity to buy that coat you have so long wished to get at a very reasonable price. But, do not get greedy. Opt for the right outfit, otherwise you…

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Diary Home Style

My Office Looks


My office is my favorite second place to be. I have created this beautiful small place that makes me happy. I wouldn’t consider it work if I did not enjoy the place I am working in and what I am actually doing. My office is filled with memories as I have placed several pictures of me and my beloved ones. I have also put posters of my favorite idols on the walls, because it’s thanks to them that I get…

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