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The Most Anticipated Movies For Fall 2018


If you are a movie addict, fall season is your favorite one. During this period we get to see movies that will sure get nominated for the Golden Globe, SAG Awards and the much anticipated Academy Award. This fall we will have the opportunity to watch some very interesting movies. How do we know that? Only by watching the trailers and reading a few reviews we can tell that some Oscar’s nominees are under our radar and we are keeping…

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A beauty moment at the 2018 SAG Awards


It is always a pleasure watching a Red Carpet event, especially when celebrities rule these events by showing up wearing beautiful gowns. Everything is made in details, from the color and design of the gown, from the piece of jewellery to be worn, to the hair and makeup idea. Yesterday, we had the chance to have a close look at the hair and makeup choices on many well-known personalities of Hollywood at the 2018 SAG Awards. Though, this event is…

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