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Update Your Current Wardrobe Without Spending A lot of Money!!


With a new year comes a clean slate, a fresh beginning, a chance to get your affairs in order. That means taking stock of the wardrobe situation, but also reassessing another fresh and stylish of your look. There’s no better time than the start of a new year to switch up your current wardrobe. In 2018, you should create a stylish and chic wardrobe. Lots of clothes but nothing to wear? This feeling is so familiar to us! But how…

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Wondering What to Wear on Christmas Party? We Have The Answer!


Ho-Ho-Ho, Christmas is coming and we are so excited! Who doesn’t love Christmas? I love everything about it. The weather, the good food, the family time, the gifts, and even the  Christmas Fashion! Christmas Day is your day to shine. Wondering what to wear on Christmas Day? There are so many choices of clothing out there. Christmas party season this year will see every kind of high fashion runway style made ready-to-wear. This Christmas season it’s all about the details, so…

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Movie Inspiration kind of look


In my next article (which I will post soon enough) I will list all the movies that have inspired me all my life in various aspects, like: my style, my lifestyle, my imagination etc. Today I decided to share with you a well known style, often used in fashion magazines for related articles, but it also had an impact on me and I chose it for this photo shoot matching. I am speaking of the character of Faye Dunaway in…

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