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Movies That Bring You Summer Vibes


Movies are a good thing when you have decided not to go out, and need to relax and worry about nothing. As summer is here, the perfect choice would be watching a movie that brings you summer vibes and makes you start dreaming about a far-off destination, or a lost island that you would certainly go to. For this reason we bring you the best movies to watch and the ones that will help you plan your summer getaway. Mamma…

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Fashion Home

A Mamma Mia Inspiration


When watching a movie, we are not only fascinated by the story, but also by the places shown and the characters become quite attached to us. Without even noticing it, some movies inspire us and we like to behave like our favorite characters or dress like them. When it comes to dressing, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, for sure inspired many people to turn their eyes again to the 70s style. Even those who were born after the 70s…

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