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The Glamour of Cannes Film Festival


The glamour of Cannes Film Festival dates back to 1946. The Festival is not only about presenting the movies of the year and announcing the winners, it also serves as a place where many newcomers or stars can make a name for themselves and get recognition worldwide. The 50s and 60s were definitely the best years of Cannes Film Festival, a place where people had the chance to see Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn taking a walk by…

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Best Beauty Moments from the Grammy’s over the years


As the night of the Grammy Awards is approaching, it comes to my mind many moments from this event through the years. For some of them, people still talk about it nowadays and for some others, it is just a lost memory. Speaking of moments, I would like to bring in the center of attention some unforgettable moments from the Grammy’s and also a few beauty moments that I still remember. For many people these moments have become some kind…

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Black Dresses at the Golden Globes over the years


On Sunday evening we will have the chance to watch actors, actresses, producers, directors, writers and other personalities of Hollywood as they walk the red carpet at the Golden Globes. This year is very important, because the major part of Hollywood women have decided to join forces for a good cause, that of showing their disapproval on sexual harassment. Such protestation will be shown through Black Dresses. Oh yes, the black dress has turned into a protest outfit and during…

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