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Oscars 2018 The After Party


Besides the beautiful ceremony of Oscars 2018, we have to admit that the real fun comes after the ceremony at Vanity Fair After Party, which is always a must see. Of course, we do not have access on what is happening inside at the party, but we are all witnesses of the amazing outfits worn by representatives of the film industry, actresses, singers and models. Walking the Oscars Red Carpet has always required a more formal attendance, but at the…

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A beauty moment at the 2018 SAG Awards


It is always a pleasure watching a Red Carpet event, especially when celebrities rule these events by showing up wearing beautiful gowns. Everything is made in details, from the color and design of the gown, from the piece of jewellery to be worn, to the hair and makeup idea. Yesterday, we had the chance to have a close look at the hair and makeup choices on many well-known personalities of Hollywood at the 2018 SAG Awards. Though, this event is…

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Time to give an end to Sexual Harassment


Sexual harassment has been and it is still the most talked about topic. It got lots of attention since the scandal with the producer Harvey Weinstein and it looks like that now Hollywood Women are fighting to protect women rights and to stop sexual harassment in the workplace. January 1st, which marks the beginning of a New Year, is also considered as the beginning of a new initiative called Time’s Up, which saw coming together almost 300 Hollywood Women, including…

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