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The History of Chanel No.5


The best way to spend free time is reading books, because we love the unknown and every story that we read somehow takes us in a different world and we would like to be the protagonists. Somehow, the stories that we read stay with us for quite some time, but we are also fond of stories of other people’s lives, the ones that have lived in a different time period, but are still remembered nowadays. We enjoy reading about the…

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The Women Who Inspired Fashion’s Most Coveted Handbags


As handbags have gained prominence in popular culture, designers have sought out to create signature bags for the everyday woman. Luxury brands looked to the Old Hollywood actresses and celebrities to develop a recognizable namesake accessory that manifests both the style of the brand and its muse. The iconic women and the bags dedicated to them create an intimate dialogue in fashion of what women want, and what the designer sees. From the Birkins to Speedys and everything in between, CR highlights the most coveted bags…

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