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The most iconic eyebrows of all time


It has been quite some time since brows have moved from a trend to a boom thus making brows the beauty story of the decade. In a certain way brows have become like a signature for us, because their shape can totally define our look. Brows have had such an important role over the years and for that reason many wonderful women have been recognized from the shape of their brows. A perfect example is Frida Kahlo. When I first…

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Frida Kahlo’s Life Was a Theatre And Fashion Was Her Costume!


  The strong gaze, the distinctive eyebrows, the dresses and the elaborate hairstyles: these are the characteristic that we immediately associate with Frida Kahlo. She is probably one of the most recognizable female artist in the history. What makes this Mexican artist so special are not only her painting skills. Frida was not only an artist, but also a feminist and style icon. Kahlo used to wear a traditional Mexican dress. She showed the world that it’s okay to be…

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