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A Christmas scent


We still have a few more days until Christmas to finish once and for all purchasing gifts for our loved ones. Sometimes we run out of ideas and spend days trying to find the perfect gift, or we like to let things until the last minute and rush immediately to the stores and get the presents. In order to make things a bit easy for all of you, in our previous posts, we have listed our ideas that would make…

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Smelling like Vogue?


Each month that I get my Vogue issue, there is always a page where I can smell the fragrance presented by a brand. But, who would have thought that one day I would find out that there is a Vogue perfume and my first thought is: What’s it like to smell like Vogue? Will I have to wait for the next issue to find out? Vogue’s first ever fragrance is a collaboration with Comme des Garçons, which no doubt will…

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